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Tenant screening helps minimize the risk of renting to high-risk tenants and reduces the risk of rental income loss. This helps protect your rental investment.

You want peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing an applicant that is trustworthy, will pay their rent on time, be considerate of your property, other tenants and neighbors and treat your rental investment responsibly. Conducting a tenant screening and background check which includes a consumer credit report and criminal background search should be part of your due diligence and criteria for every applicant being considered for rent.

TVS is a premier a nationwide tenant screening service that offers a fast and efficient screening service that will:

  • provide a full credit profile
  • provide a summary credit profile including consumer credit score
  • provide a criminal background check
  • safeguard your rental investment

Performing tenant screening is vital to your application process - giving you all you need to choose the most suitable tenant.


Comprehensive tenant screening saves you time, money and guess work - all while protecting you from fraud.

Whether you are looking for a complete credit evaluation or comprehensive tenant screening, TVS provides 24/7 online access to a variety of consumer reports to meet your specific needs.
Credit reports provide valuable financial information and are great tools to evaluate your applicant's payment habits and overall credit health.
TVS Criminal reports provide important insights that ensure you're making better decisions on prospective tenants. Our background checks are essential tools to ensure a safer community and a protected property.

Tenant Screening Includes Tenant credit check and criminal record check to help landlords and property managers determine if the prospective tenant meets the criteria for tenancy.

High risk tenants target unwitting landlords using counterfeited documents, friends for references and little fear of any consequence.

The income loss from unpaid rent over the time it takes to evict, can have a tremendous negative impact on a rental business.

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