Landlords and the Fraud Rental Game

TVS is an effective tenant screening service that will help you prevent fraud and reduce income loss.

If an applicant provides you with a Social Insurance Number, it is validated on the consumer credit report that TVS obtains for you, so if the number shown on your rental application is not valid, you will know. Fraudsters often provide false information that includes the wrong date of birth and misspelling of their last name. The SIN will generally pull up a file even though false information has been given; this is one way to determine the identity and truthfulness of your prospective tenant.

Little or no credit history = red flag. Click Here for the reasons why!

TVS obtains a full consumer credit report that includes a current and previous address where reported, current & previous employer where reported, liens, collections, civil judgments, and bankruptcies. It includes a credit score, credit account information such as credit grantor name, when accounts are opened/closed, balances and past due amounts. The credit score associated with the credit report is an indicator of a good OR problematic credit history.

Without TVS you risk renting to tenants who may be playing the fraud rental game and have intent to use you as part of their revolving line of credit.

TVS will help minimize your risk of fraud and income loss!

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