Avoid Bad Tenants with a Detailed Canadian Tenant Check

Unfortunately, as a landlord the only protection that you have against a bad tenant is the due diligence that you conduct that helps to identify the risk. You require a thorough system that will assist you with this. TVS offers you a complete system that allows you to do a Canadian tenant check which reduces the risk of fraud and minimizes risk of income loss. Why put yourself in a position where you spend hours of your valuable time and money in court trying to chase what is normally an uncollectible debt?

TVS offers a variety of services that include deterrent and incentive forms which will help you perform thorough tenant screening in Canada.

Obtaining credit and criminal record checks on prospective tenant's are valuable landlord tools, and the forms and explanation guides enhance TVS's Canadian tenant credit check system and provides a more effective tenant screening for Canadian landlords.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the system that is offered here, the reports, the forms and the tips and advice. It will make you a better and more profitable landlord without the stress and hassle that often is associated with bad tenants.

Learn the system; you will be glad that you did.

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